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The home of Level Markbook - a new solution for teachers wanting to manage Level based courses (V, H, S, N, etc) such as the Western Australian CAF courses. Manages both individual classes or several classes of a common subject. This Microsoft Access based solution is a great time saver for teachers wanting to get professional looking results with minimum effort.

Latest version: 2.40
Released: 7 August 2003

Current features in latest version:
  • Minimal knowledge of MS Access needed
  • Unlimited students per markbook
  • Unlimited tasks per markbook
  • Option to break tasks into subtasks
  • Automatic calculation of levels and grades
  • Print whole class or individual results
  • Print blank registers/mark sheets for class
  • Print individual student summaries at any time
  • One-click email of assessment results to students
  • Import standard tasks and outcomes for all courses
  • Import student data from other applications
  • Export student results to other applications

Have a look at a few screen shots of Level Markbook.

The file which you can download free from this site contains 5 files:

  1. A blank copy of the Level Markbook template
  2. A copy of Level Markbook with example data.
  3. A guide to using Level Markbook in Word format.
  4. An example class import file of student data.
  5. An example subject import file of tasks and outcomes.

Simply download the free file (you will be asked where on your computer you want to save markbook2.exe, a 1.3Mb file), double-click and say which folder you want to extract the five individual files into, read the guide and start using Level Markbook!

If you like what you see, then the final step is registration. For a small fee, you can unlock the full potential of Level Markbook for an unlimited period and enjoy free updates for a minimum of two years.

Please note that you must already own a copy of Microsoft Access to use Level Markbook.

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