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The home of eMarkbook, a great solution for teachers wanting to keep track of assessments of students in their subjects. Manages both individual classes or multiple classes of a common subject. This Microsoft Excel template is a must for teachers wanting to save time and get professional looking results.

Latest version: 6.14
Released: 23 November 2004

Current features in latest version:
  • Minimal knowledge of MS Excel needed
  • Unlimited students in any number of classes
  • Up to 66 assessments per markbook
  • Apply individual weightings to each assessment
  • Automatic calculation of percentage scores
  • Automatic calculation of summary statistics
  • Automatic grading using your preset grade cutoffs
  • Rank students as whole or by class
  • View grade distribution of whole group
  • Up to ten grade cutoff points
  • Print whole group or individual classes
  • Print raw scores, percentages or both
  • Estimate marks for absent students
  • Easy sort and delete options
  • Scale assessments to required levels/statistics *
  • Scale final results to desired statistics *
  • Multilinear mapping of mark distributions *
  • Print blank registers/mark sheets for any class
  • Print individual student summaries at any time *
  • Easy email of results to students *
  • User worksheet for your own use
  • Import / upgrade from older eMarkbooks
  • Import student data from other applications
  • Export data and results to other applications *
    * New or improved feature!

Have a look at a few screen shots of eMarkbook.

Note that eMarkbook comes in 2 versions - eMarkbook (standard) and Markbook - exactly the same as eMarkbook but for teachers who do not want the facility to email summaries to their students using Outlook. Read guide in download for more info.

The single file which you can download free from this site contains 6 files:

  1. A blank copy of the eMarkbook template
  2. A copy of eMarkbook with example data.
  3. A blank copy of the Markbook template
  4. A copy of Markbook with example data.
  5. A guide to using eMarkbook in Word format.
  6. An example file of class data ready to import.

Simply download the free file (you will be asked where on your computer you want to save markbook.exe, a 1.6Mb file), double-click and say which folder you want to extract the six individual files into, read the guide and start using eMarkbook!

Please note that you must already own a copy of Microsoft Excel to use eMarkbook, and must enable macros when opening eMarkbook to allow the built-in features to operate.

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Numerical type assessment

Grade type assessment