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This page has a few screen shots taken from eMarkbook for Microsoft Excel. (Click on images to view enlarged version.) You can see much more in the Help file (a Word document) and experiment with sample data included in the free download.

The screen below shows the main sheet - Class Marks - which is used for data entry. Percentages, averages and grades are all automatically updated as you type. Users enter data in the yellow and white cells only. All other cells update automatically and are locked to prevent accidental deletion of the formulae they contain.

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The Options button on Class Marks opens up a window with many choices: Rank/Print (rank by whole group or individual class and create printer friendly summary of marks), Estimates, Class Marks (tools for sorting and deleting), Scale (to scale entire groups of marks up or down), Indiv (for printing and emailing individual student summaries) and About. The choice illustrated below is for ranking or printing a selected class from the whole group.

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This last screen shows the result of choosing to show a grade distribution when the whole group is ranked. This helps identify grade boundaries for the whole cohort.

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